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lachha paratha recipe | making easy multi-layered lachha paratha recipe | khatri's kitchen

lachha paratha is one of the most favorite dishes in India. Making Special lachha paratha is a typical paratha in Rajasthan. This recipe is easy to make with wheat flour with special layers of making easy lachha paratha at home is different efforts comes from the heart to family, While rolling the paratha makes healthy body fit. It is best accompanied by a gravy or a curry vegetable. khatri's kitchen


Serving:                     3 People
Preparing Time:       5 Min
Cooking Time:          30 Min
Course:                      Roti


Wheat flour - 2 cups
Salt - 1/4 teaspoon
Ghee - 3 to 4 tbsp
Oil - 1 tabespoon


• You will mix wheat flour and salt in a vessel and knead the dough by adding a little water.
• Soft dough will knead and churn by hand for a while. Apply 1 teaspoon of oil all around so that the dough does not dry.
• Cover with a cloth and keep it for 15 minutes, and again take a little churn.
• Now take a big dough of flour and apply a little dry flour on it, and you will roll a big roti.
• Now put 1 to 1.5 tsp of ghee on the whole roti. (Ghee is to be taken slightly frozen and not melted at all)
• Apply some dry flour (as little as a teaspoon) on it and spread it well over the whole roti.
• Make small layers of this roti. Will press all the layers lightly.
• Now hold the dough with long layers by the edge and make it slightly longer so that the flakes are made well.
• Now hold it from one side and make it completely around, and then press it slightly with a light hand. In this way, you will make all the dough.
• Cover all the dough in a cloth and keep it for 5 - 10 minutes.
• Now apply a little dry flour on dough and start rolling it with a light hand and place it on a hot griddle to roast. Paratha will turn over when cooked a little.
• Put one small spoon of ghee on both the sides and roast it well. (You can also add oil instead of ghee)
• Delicious Lachcha Paratha with lots of layers is ready to be served, will serve.

Making lachha paratha Step by step

Take a big vessel (Cookware and Bakware) and add wheat flour and salt

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For making soft dough add water in it and knead with a hand for 5 minutes and add one tablespoon oil in the dough.

Take clothes or clean soft handkerchief cover the dough and keep it aside for 15 minutes.

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Remove clothes and knead it again then take a plastic bowl and keep it in the dough

Take a large portion to make a perfect lachha paratha make minimum four dough 

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Apply a little dry flour on one large portion of dough

Make a big roti of add dry flour of one large portion of dough.

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Evenly spread 1 to 1.2 teaspoon ghee on the whole roti

Then add a little wheat flour as small 1 tablespoon on whole roti and spread it all over the entire roti

Make a small layer of this roti By pulling all layers to your light hand

Grab this long layer dough form the edge and make longer by pull edge to there side and its layers come out well.

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Hold form one side and making the perfect circular shape of the dough and press it slightly with hands. 

In the same way, make another three dough same like the circular shape

The Dough will look like this circular and easy to make then cover with a cloth and keep it for 5-10minutes for making easy lachha paratha. Cover all the made

Then put a little wheat flour on the dough ball and start rolling with a light hand, In the same way, make another three circular shape of dough like rotis.

Take a pan and add oil in it keep it at low flame then add paratha at the hot pan.

Once the paratha is little cooked, then flip it over.

One on each side then put 1 teaspoon ghee and cook it well.

When lachha paratha is ready it will look like this lots of layers, serve them hot.


  • When you add 1 teaspoon oil at dough so that the dough does not dry
  • Ghee should bite thickness not completely molten.
  • Oil can be replaced with ghee.

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