Samosa Recipe | Making Homemade Samosa | Without Maida

Samosa Recipe - Making Samosa Recipe - Easy Step by step Homemade Samosa Without Maida

Samosa recipe making step by step with simple ingredients at homemade style. Samosa is Made by triangular filled with potato presented with red chutney and mint chutney that samosa makes the mouth-watering dish. 

Today we are making easy an step by step samosa recipe as when you bite of snacks your tongue will water with delicious loaded down with potato and peas. As most of this recipe is form china and Africa that formula of make samosa is flavorsome, Today at India samosa is street side favorite snacks get 5-10 rupees at a time.


Serving: 3 Person

Ingredients For Samosa Masala

5  Piece  Potato / Batata
2 Tbsp    Corriander / Daniya
1/2 Tsp   Red Chilli / Lal Mirchi
1 Tbsp    Garam Masala
1 Tsp       Amchur
1/2 Tsp   Chat Masala
2 Pinch   Salt
1 Tbsp    Oil
1 Tsp      Cumin / Jeera
1 Tsp      Ginger / Adrak
1/3 Cup  Peas / Mutter
1 Piece    Green Chilli

Ingredients Samosa Dough Without Maida

1 Cup       semolina / rava
Taste per  Salt
1 Tsp        Ajwain
1/2 Tsp     Jeera
1/2 Cup    Ghee
1/4 Cup    Water

Method for making samosa recipe

Boil potato in the cooker or a steel bowl, Time measurement In cooker boil 10 to 15 minutes at steel bowl 15 to 20 minutes As there Time.
Then Take out peal nicely Smash Potato in a bowl for 2 minute

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Wash coriander leaves cut into 2 Tablespoon, Add-in smashed boil, and add red chili in it.

Add 1 Teaspoon Garam Masala, 1 Teaspoon Amchur and 1/2 Teaspoon Chat Masala in Smashed Potato Boil. 

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Nicely knead masala in a bowl for 3-4 minutes.

Take a Non-stick Pan for fry samosa masala
At low frame add oil in non-stick pan

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Then add Cumin, ginger and green chili fry it for 3 minute  

Will adding green peas in Nonsticky pan Mix ingredients nicely with a spoon or any kind of mixer

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Will boiling peas put at salt Water for a boiling 5-6 minutes in a steel bowl

Likewise, you can add peas to samosa, on-off chance you can skip it peas form samosa recipe.

Take a pan to add oil, cumin/jeera then add Green chili than fry for 30 sec. Then add boiled peas then fry for 1 min.
Then Put aloo mixture in pan Then fry it for 2 min

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Cook it for 3 minutes at low flame Samosa is ready to keep it side till making the dough.

Take 1 cup semolina to add salt in it.

Take a 1 Teaspoon Ajwan and 1 Teaspoon Jeera Mix nicely with semolina for a second with a hand.

Take 1/2 cup Hot Ghee adding in semolina for taste.

Adding water in semolina and smash with hand.
Knead Till 7-8 It comes dough When the dough is ready to keep if rest for 15 to 20 min, Till then keep oil at the low frame for cooking masala.

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Then Knead the dough make a long strip of it.

Take a long strip cut into three pouch 

When your dough is ready after rest make it sheets then make a medium-size roll of dough. IF you were difficult to roll dough apply oil at pin and surface then roll down.

Cut dough into two sizes in half of the dough make cone size, Also you can make it pocket-size To filling samosa masala ingredients Staf When it has done you Samosa is ready to pack.

When the cone is ready it will look like this
Then fill samosa staf in a cone.

When it looks like these, put Samosa masala ingredients in it.

Then press the corner of samosa nicely if it does not seal it will open at the pan which is not good for taste.

After sealing your samosa will look like this.

When your samosa is ready to cook after sealing put it on oil at low flame and fry for 6-9 minutes.
When the color starts changing then keep gas on medium flame and fry another side of samosa for 2-3 minutes.

Till it, golden brown color comes out then remove it from gas.

Homemade Samosa recipe is ready to server

Tips for making samosa recipe

If you are difficult to roll dough, apply oil in a roll at pin and surface then it will smoothly roll down.
Put gas at a low frame that samosa stuffing will cook perfectly

Utilizing flour will rolling samosa dough it will make bad taste, apply oil in it the move pin.
why your samosa is not crispy
Take only on fresh oil and keep it at low flame for 4-5 minutes

Idea for making Homemade Samosa Recipe.

  • Taste Simply Like preferring shop
  • Loaded with potato and peas filling
  • Eaten by Vegetarian
  • Tasty to eat with A Cup of chai!
  • Even You can make a very easy straight forward samosa recipe at home.


Since samosa is not really good or bad regular in India (you truly get samosa and chai at each other city)

In any case, just later I had started to dieting when eating the samosa I love them forever king when you keep samosa in my front I can stop for eating samosa

It was later adjusted as a vegan nibble it also called small bites or snacks why  I am called small bites because of it tasty our filling with potato filling in India.

It's there in each gathering, office meeting, chai meet-ups, and so on and samosa will be there!

I was specific about the kind of samosa that I preferred and I loved it just from one shop in my old neighborhood which I love to eat.

Indeed, even now when I return home, I make a point to enjoy those samosas from my preferred shop.

What's more, might I venture to state, they turn out on a par with the one from my preferred shop in India! 🙂

Making samosa is a multi-step but today we will show how to make homemade samosa it's very speedy and simple to make Samosa Recipe at home.

In any case, the delight of gnawing into that custom made flaky fresh hull loaded up with fiery potatoes makes everything justified, despite all the trouble.

This is one of those treats that you should make for extraordinary events or over the end of the week when you need to have some good times in the kitchen making homemade samosa recipe.

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