Instant Rava Appe Recipe | Making Instant Rava Appam Recipe

How To Make Instant Rava Appe | Rava Appe Recipe | Making Instant Rava Appam Recipe| Step by Step

This method of making an appam recipe makes flavorsome dishes in the south as a time-saving dish. It commonly is eaten for breakfast or dinner with a filling of Rava, Tomato, Capsicum, and Coriander makes finger-licking pancake.

Jhatpat Rava appe recipe is made for the time-saver who loves to cook in the morning for there children and husband at working hours. This special Instant Rava Appe is made with simple ingredients that are simply available at home, Making Instant Rava Appe is easily made with rave/sooji. To making easy starts with rave as name sooji take 1 cup of rave to add in a bowl 


In that bowl, add Curd then add Black pepper, Water, Salt, Onion, Capsicum, and Tomato, Jeers, Garlic paste, ginger paste then mix it nicely with flok then it formed in the batter put it on appe Patra. While making batter curd should be plain and grease oil in appe Patra to make it delicious.

In this method, you can skip green chili, garlic, and ginger.

To make Instant Rava Appam Need Appe Patra which is available at the store it makes flavourful appe to eat in breakfast, as appe Patra is non-sticky has 9-12 shell in Patra makes flavorsome dishes in the south for eating as a pancake. As making the Same dish with appe Patra Sabudana appe which is delicious to taste.

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Making Quick and Easy Rava Appe Recipe for Breakfast - Tasty Nasta Suji Appe

Making Instant Rava Appam Recipe Ingredients

1 cup = rava/samolina/sooji
1/2 cup = curd/dhai/Plani Dhai
1/4 tsp = Black Pepper
2 pinch = Salt
3/4 cup = water
1 = onion
1/2 = capsicum
1 = tomato
1 tsp = garlic paste
1 tsp = ginger paste
1 tsp = jeers (cumin)
1 tbsp = corriander

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Method for Instant Appe Recipe


1.) Take a Rava / Sooji in a bowl, add curd, Salt 2 or 3 pinches to taste, Black pepper, and mix it nicely then add water 1/4 cup and mix it nicely with a tablespoon.
2.) Add 1 cup finely chopped onion, 
3.) Then add 1/2 finely chopped capsicum, 1 tsp grated ginger or 1 tsp garlic paste, Tomato, ginger paste, jeera, and green chili this all ingredients mix it nicely till it comes semi-thick batter, To make it perfect add more 1/2 cup of water.
4.) You can Skip Green chili, Garlic, and ginger if you don't like then this semi-thick batter keep it for rest 
What to do if your Rava / Sooji is Big or Small?
5.) If your Rava / Sooji is small keep if for 5 min rest or If Rava is big then keep for 10 min rest
Then your batter is perfect for cooking
6.) Add Corriander after resting batter.
7.) The flame should be low then grease oil in an appam Patra, Pour the Batter in an appe Patra, sprinkle some oil over the butter and cook for a 1 min in a side if appe have got nice golden color then turn into another side for 1 min... Then your Instant Rava appe is Ready to serve

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Method For If Do not Have Pan to Make Instant Rava Appe Recipe 


  • Heat a plain pan grease oil in it then pour the batter in pan cook it for 1 min in a side in another side cook It for 1 min. This Instant Rava Appam is ready in the plain pan

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