Upvas Sabudana Appe Recipe | Appam Recipe | Making Delicious

Upvas Sabudana Appe Recipe - Appam Recipe

Making delicious appe recipe for upvas in aloo that makes mouth-watering. As it is Tamil Nadu famous Upvas appe recipe - appam recipe it is seen like golden brown as tasty as it for breakfast and lunch box south Indian style recipe.
There are many kinds of appe like instant Rava appam, rice appe Today we Begin with Delicious Upvas appe recipe. The best part of Upvas appe recipe it can also be eaten by your child and husband

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Ingredients for appe recipe, appam recipe

1         Cup sago / sabudana
2         Potato / Aloo (Medium Size)
2         Green Chill / Hari Mirch 
1tbsp    Corriander / Danya 
1 tsp      Cumin / Jeera 
2 pinch  Salt / Namak
1/2 Tsp  Vegetable Oil 
3         Cup of Water

Making step by step upvas sabudana appe recipe | Appam recipe and bouns appe chutney.

Method for making upvas sabudana appe recipe, appam recipe

1.) Boil Potato in Cooker for 1/2 hours then remove potato cover (chilka).
2.) Smash Potato in a half bowl with a hand or Tablespoon for a 2 to 3 minute nicely till lung not seen.
3.) Take a one cup sago (sabudana) and roast in medium heat for a 2 minute in a pan until it turned light golden
Remember don't put it in water take (kacha)
4.) Then Remove from the pan and keep it for cooling 
5.) Take a mixer grinder put sabudana in mixer mix it nicely for a minute. as much as make it fine grand 
6.) Put Sabudana powder in a steel bowl.
7.) Add 2 cup of water in sago (sabudana) powder and mix it nicely with a tablespoon.
8.) Take a Smashed potato to add in mixed sabudana powder in that add some flavor in that like 1 tablespoon coriander, 2 green chills, 1-inch ginger, cumin 1 tablespoon, and 1 tablespoon Namak or you can use upvas namak.
9.) Then Mixture it nicely with hand. Remove half of the smashed sabudana powder in steel plate 
10.) In half of the bowl smashed sabudana powder add 1 cup of water and mix it. 
11.) keep it for 15 minutes for a rest.
12.) Take Tosaa Non-Stick Cavity Appam with Handle which is 21 cm.
13.) After 15 minutes add greese with oil in non-stick cavity pan 
14.) Then add in each cavity mixture of sabudana powder and keep it in gas for 8 to 10 minute 
15.) After cooking add few drops of oil in cooked sabudana powder.
Bonus: Sabudana will take time to cook because it had doesn't have kept to soaking.

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