Restaurant style tandoori chicken without oven

Restaurant-style chicken tandoori without oven

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Make  tandoori  chicken without any oven like a restaurant-style? 

Tandoori chicken without an oven yet  smoky yet flavourful 

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The first step is to take a clean and patted dry chicken


Let creating a few gashes in this chicken so what is meant by  gashes these incisions these deep cuts so that the margination and the masalas go right straight in the chicken

Now it is ready to start marinating this so what we want here is some fresh yogurt, red chili powder, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, and salt to taste 

We want to rub these masalas to these pieces of chicken make sure it's nicely rubbed in chicken 

Making sure the margination reaches each and every cut an incision of this piece and keep it for 30 minutes at room temperature that it nicely marinade 

Bonus tips to make chicken tandoori: 

Wash our hands as well now that the chicken is marinated and ready let's begin the frying process

Take a frying pan


The first thing that put some oil in a pan and along with this little bit of salted butter allow heating.

Once the oil is moderately hot put a piece  of chicken in the pan 
Chicken without  an oven 

Make sure you do not overcrowd the pan otherwise chicken starts releasing a lot of liquids and moisture. 

The chicken has to be cooking in half side for a minute and flip the chicken and see the color is a golden brown it is then the tandoori chicken baked and put it for another side for 10 to 20 minutes and the chicken was nicely cooked on all the sides 
Make sure that it still remembers cooking in the center. 

The  tandoori  chicken has been ready and starts for  servicing 

The magic trick to make tandoori chicken without oven: To give this chicken the taste and flavor of thunder have a piece of charcoal.


That going to light on the gas so let it nicely char and become red in color and then   
finally, the trick to create smoke like the door so we want to use a small steel glass and on top of this we are going to place the red coal let's create the magic smoke 

A few splashes of oil and on goes the lid let this be nicely covered for like a minute and a half let all the chicken pieces get the flavor of smoke and then we'll start plating  and ready for eating homemade tandoori chicken without any oven.



First marination: 

2 roasted chicken pieces 750 gms approx... 

salt - to taste 

1 tsp red stew powder 

1 tsp ginger garlic glue 

1 tsp lemon extricated juice 

Second marination: 

1/2 cup fat free yogurt 

1/2 tsp red bean stew powder 

salt - to taste 

1/2 tsp garam masala powder 

1 tsp ginger garlic glue 

1/4 tsp red nourishment shading 

1 tbsp oil 

To cook the chicken: 

1 tbsp oil 

1 tbsp spread 

For embellishing: 

onion rings 

cut or ground carrots 

coriander leaves 

lemon wedges 

Directions (Instruction)

Right off the bat, take two roasted chicken pieces, make slices or cuts that are 3 cuts on top, 1 at the joint, 3 on drumsticks, 1 toward the finish of the leg. 

First marination: 

Bring the chicken pieces into a bowl, include salt according to taste, red bean stew powder, ginger garlic glue, lemon removed juice. 

Blend the chicken in with the flavors totally. 

Marinate the chicken inside the cooler for 20 minutes. 

Second marination: 

Take a bowl, into it, include thick yogurt, include red stew powder, salt according to taste, garam masala powder, ginger-garlic glue, red nourishment shading, oil, blend the flavors without knots. 

Include the marinated chicken pieces into it, blend well and marinate again for another 15-20 minutes. 

Cooking the Tandoori chicken: 

Take a dish, into it, including oil, margarine, and warmth. 

Include the marinated chicken pieces into it. 

Include the leftover marinade everywhere throughout the chicken. 

Spread and cook the chicken for 10 minutes on low fire. 

Flip the chicken and cook the chicken on the opposite side for 10 minutes on low fire. 

Continue flipping and cook the chicken on each side until both sides get cooked well on low fire. 

At the point when the chicken is cooked well, take the chicken pieces out on a plate. 

Serve them utilizing lemon wedges, onion rings, ground carrots and so on. 


Ensure the chicken is cooked on low fire as the chicken gets scorched whenever cooked on a medium or high fire. 

On the off chance that smoky flavor inside the chicken is liked, at that point take a little consuming coal piece and put in a little steel bowl with the assistance of a tong, place that bowl in the chicken pieces in the dish, pour some ghee or margarine onto the consuming coal piece bowl and spread the top of the container. 

These smoky flavors get imbued into the chicken and taste amazing... Appreciate by sprinkling lemon everywhere throughout the chicken and serve it. 

Calories: 490kcal 

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