7 easy step to make snack in home

Top Seven 2020 Snacks recipe made at home Step By Step


1. Keep a large jar of premium tomato-based pasta sauce in the pantry
2. Get the pasta cooking
3. Put the pasta sauce in a saucepan
4. Add:  a few slurps of red wine, a handful of sliced mushrooms and a few pitted and halved Kalamata olives.


5. Simmer gently until pasta is cooked.
6. Combine and chow down.

Pasta II


1. Put on some spaghetti or fettuccini (no, not instead of your gold spangly boob-tube - just into a large pot of boiling water.)
2. Whisk together a few tablespoons of olive oil and some lemon juice (from a fresh lemon or the indispensable plastic bottle of juice you have in the fridge) in a largish bowl.
3. Whisk in a small pile of grated parmesan cheese
4. Pit and halve some olives (Yes, you have a jar of lovely Kalamatas nestling in the fridge and a natty olive pitter in the gadget drawer)
5. Pick a handful of basil (Yes, you do of course have some fresh basil growing, or have thought ahead, harvested some and frozen the leaves in a freezer bag for future use).   Chop roughly.
6. Add olives and basil to the dressing
7.Drain pasta when it is cooked.
8. Add to dressing
9Mix it around with some tongs, then serve, making sure to distribute the dressing, olives, and basil roughly evenly between the serving plates
10. Work out your own proportions by trial and re-trial (an error is not all that likely)
11. Serve with crusty bread - as a starter or a late-night snack.


Pantry Rescue I - Tandoori Chicken

1. You need a jar of tandoori curry paste, plain yogurt, chicken breast fillets, rice, veggies, papadums
2. Mix Tandoori paste and yogurt together (see jar for instructions), and smear on chicken.  Your choice.  But don't forget the bright red nail polish.
3.Cook the rice.
4. Grill the chicken.
5. Steam or microwave veges (eg carrots, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum).   Throw in a few mustard seeds and a sprinkle of garam masala if you want.
6. Spray papadums on one side with non-stick canola spray, and zap in the microwave on absorbant paper for 30-45 seconds each.  Yes, they go all crunchy!!
7. Assemble and eat.

Chocolate Sauce for Icecream

1.Warm a cup of cream in a heatproof dish in the microwave.  Do not boil.
2. Break up 125g dark chocolate into pieces, put into the cream and stir until chocolate is melted and the sauce becomes smooth - this will take a while.
3.Out on good quality vanilla icecream

Simple Ways to Avoid Making Dessert

1.Premium ice cream/gelato, with strawbs
2. Ask a guest to bring along something special.  It will taste as good!
3.A fruit platter
4. A selection of ice cream treats - Magnums, Paddle Pops, Frozen Yoghurts, etc.
5.Chocolate biscuits and hot milk
6.Frozen dough cookies (no need to own up)
7.Melt a few Mars bars in the microwave (carefully) as a choc-caramel sauce for premium vanilla icecream
8.Fortune Cookies. (Adventure Club:  Pull out the fortunes and replace with your won)
9. Condensed from The Surreal Gourmet and The Surreal Gourmet Entertains. 
10. Crush a packet of Maltesers and sprinkle on ice cream. (Jamie Oliver)

Note:  Cookings does not encourage shortcutting on desserts, but if you have to . . . .

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