Chicken biryani recipe | Making Easy step by step with pressure cooker

Chicken biryani recipe: Making chicken biryani easy step by step

How can we make chicken biryani recipe through pressure cooker?

How to make the restaurant style biryani for this biryani they're making it very easy for marination you don't know how to make chicken biryani easy way

First Lets know how to make chicken biryani with a pressure cooker

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The Ingredients rub the chicken pieces with turmeric powder chili powder and salt and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes I've soaked this passionately right in water for over half an hour then I've strained the water and just left it as-is for another 1/2

I have seen many hotels that they are using very good quality premium food with healthy recipes which I strictly follow and give information to you. 

Note: This recipe is a pressure cooker chicken biryani please make a note of that I'm sure there are different ways and different methods of preparing biryani but this is a simple way that I make at home I will tell how to make chicken biryani simple step by step


Ghee three large tablespoons and about 1/2 tablespoons oil add the whole spices cinnamon cloves cardamom and they leave medium-sized onions 5 next add the tomatoes for medium to large tomatoes finely chopped next add the masala paste add the chicken pieces 


You used about one and a half kilos of chickens for one kilo of rice it gives no flavor to the biryani there's no meat in with so that is why but if you don't want that extra half kg you can cut it down to one kilo of chicken to one kilo of rice one bunch coriander and one bunch mint leaves these are all essential to give you that great flavor for your chicken biryani

Now season with a little salt this is the final of ML glass that I have here or a measuring cup that I have here I'm going to use the two cuts of diluted coconut milk check for seasoning and add enough salt as required 


the first step is to pressure cook the chicken without the rice so now cook the chicken for about 5 whistles and now the final step is to add the rice gently mix it so close the lid and keep the flame on medium-low so wait till the steam comes and then place the way after that cook for about 10 minutes there you have an absolutely delicious chicken biryani


Chicken Biryani recipe How to make restaurant-style chicken biryani

How to make the restaurant style biryani for this biryani they're making it very easy for marination you don't know more in the hotels in India especially in the famous chicken biryani is also there are no more adding the whole spices

The trend comes that you know when you eat you don't want the whole spice to come in the mouth
So what they're doing is they're going to make a powder of this and adding into the biryani they're pretty much getting the flavor out of this the reason why they're doing it is it is bringing down the cost because when you add the whole spices you have almost four times the spices to get that flavor

When you make the powder of it just one-fourth of it in the rice will give you a flavor so what they're doing here is they're taking the bay leaf, star anise, cloves peppercorn, green cardamom, cinnamon sticks, shahi jeera, maze, and dad Phool or biryani Phool or they call it lichen this gives a very nice flavor to our biryanis

We are also going to use some cumin powder red chili powder ginger-garlic paste coriander powder turmeric salt yogurt
The main flavoring things chopped coriander mint leaves and green chilies even this mint green chilies and coriander now they're just making a paste and adding it to it before you know I'm talking about 10 years ago when you go in order biryani you will see the Mint leaf, the coriander and green chili in the biryani

Nowadays you want to see them because they're making it much simpler in making it but trust me our Hyderabad biryani is still good first we are going to put of these spices and then we're going to marinate our chicken you must be wondering

Why I did not roast my whole garam masala?

This is going to be marinated overnight and then this is going to be nicely dum cooked then all the flavors are going to come that is why we use the raw spices now add

This raw spices in the chicken also for biryani have to be slightly bigger pieces then the normal chicken curry I have cut them slightly smaller but they can be even bigger in the restaurants they just give the whole breast or the entire chicken leg

Them you know into little smaller pieces but do not cut them into very small pieces like as if you're making a curry they should be bigger pieces.

When the biryani is cooked the meat has to be nice and juicy so these whole masalas have added in this add chili powder add coriander powder cumin powder turmeric do not have too much little if you have too much of turmeric then the color of the biryani will be totally gone

In this add ginger-garlic paste curd and also add chopped green chilies mint leaves and coriander leaves if you want you can blend them also and add in this add lime juice and add salt now you know for 1 kg of biryani half a cup of oil just mix in this chicken mix this and then we're going to put in the refrigerator or night if not at least 3-4 hours of marination is a must for a very good nice biryani now the chicken is marinated and kept in the fridge overnight

So what now about rice? 


After a day we are going to cook the rice has to be soaked in the water for at least one hour and choose the best flavorful basmati rice

When you go and get the basmati rice nowadays we have got a lot of brand names basmati they're are all pretty good but when you buy the rice itself if you smell it you should get a nice basmati flavor.

In the market, we have a lot of hybrid pulao rice which they look like basmati rice but when you smell there is no smell but choose good rice got a nice flavor and if you pick up any rice other than the nice basmati rice your biryani is not the same

So here is a water which is come to a boil in this add oil just add 2-3 tablespoons of oil.
In this add salt to this hot water just like for a few seconds now you to taste the water if this water is not properly seasoned again your biryani will not taste good because the nice seasoned water is perfect

It should be salty slightly so that when the rice is cooked in this water it absorbs the saltiness from this in this put some shahi jeera you know in the traditional biryani they put a lot of whole spices but we're not we're just going to add some bay leaf now we're going to add the rice since the rice is soaked for almost an hour this is just going to get cooked in like three minutes or four minutes.

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We are going to cook this rice still it is seventy percent done and the rest 30 percent is going to be cooked along with the chicken now this chicken has been marinated overnight and put in biryani handi the biryani handy that too non-stick kind that is sold in the market and they're pretty good they've got thick bottom and they got a lid which will seal tight and it is got a conical shape and the chicken biryani lid so when we seal it will come perfectly

Just add some fried onion and mix it now spread the chicken in such a way that each piece of this chicken the big chunks of chicken isn't it we did not take small piece of chicken all these pieces are touching the pan that's when you will have a nice good chicken biryani in a lot of people what they do is they put you know a layer of chicken

Where you know there are four-five pieces on the top but here the pieces are big and each piece is touching the bottom pan that way you get a nice flavor to the chicken too - you want to now that the rice want to soak nicely rice for at least one hour and now the rice is almost sixty percent done ten more percent once of the rice is almost seventy percent done

Totally make it or spoil the entire biryani now it's almost seventy percent done switch off the flame that way the hot water itself will be cooking this rice little more now take a chalni like thing just make sure all the water is drained and then add the rice on top of this chicken this way take this rice and then spread on top of this chicken

Take a chalni


Now this rice is getting almost eighty percent done the second layer of the rice is going to be 75 people cooked because this rice is sitting in this hot water it's not sitting silently coolly it is getting cooked so we're going to do this fast the second layer is almost eighty percent done

So last layer of the rice is almost ninety percent done ok and then spread this rice nicely in the last just whatever leftover fried onions just put some on top and this fried onions will give the nice brown color to the rice you know the rice will get nice brown color on the top with this onion and nice brown color the bottom and in between the rice is nice and white even in a small restaurant they're just adding the local color they're not even adding saffron.

We not going to compromise on this We are going to add some saffron which I saw in hot milk and then just spread it on top this is a lot of something at one place who's going to get this saffron when this is done ok then top it off with 1 tbsp of ghee that is the desi ghee;

In the restaurant-style of making biryani you know even if they don't use expensive basmati rice still there is some kind of nice flavor that is there that is because they add rose water and kewra water here 

I've got some rosewater hope just a little bit of rose water and some kewra water just sprinkle a little but not too much ah nice sweet flavors now this is going to be our pakka restaurant style biryani;

The rosewater is made by distilling the rose petals and they extract all the flavors out this kewra water is made from the leaf of the same family as pandan leave what they use in a lot of Oriental

The distill and extract the nice flavors from it and use;

Both sweet and not only in Indian cooking as even in Thai you know in Singapore and other oriental cooking they use this kind of flavors after spreading the rice the onions the saffron the kewra water rose petal water

Now put the lid upside down why because

We need to put dum in it now just put the dough this is just any chapati dough and put it on the corners of the lid and just connect both the ends just make sure it is evenly spread now lift it up press it a little more because this is what is going to seal the steam in the biryani 

Because good biryani is cooked within the steam of the chicken and nice basmati flavors...
Wow if I keep explaining I'm kind of having something happening to me and now this is all done just turn it to upside down and then put it on top and then press this lid this is done perfectly usually what we do is we put weight on the top of this lid but this is perfect 

I don't need to put the weight on top of it ok after five minutes of high flame another 10 to 15 minutes of slow flame just pull the biryani handy output a Tawa and put the handi back this is the safest method you will not have up your biryani

This way your body and they will come perfectly chicken biryani

I don't know what I'm writing I don't know why I'm writing I just want the biryani to be ready and yummy mash. 

A total of around 35 minutes switch off the flame but do not open the handi yet you let this sit for another 10 minutes like this after which we are going to open the lid and going to see what's happening there time to open the biryani ooo lets take deep breath and smell here is the dough that we need to crack open so on it Oh... and tell how I Had written about biryani.

People think I'm writing any things but it comes to form my heart I am not an expert in writing but I am writing chicken biryani recipe for you as perfect as..... 😀


300g basmati rice 

25g spread 

1 huge onion 

, finely cut 

1 straight leaf 

3 cardamom units 

little cinnamon stick 

1 tsp turmeric 

4 skinless chicken bosoms, cut into huge lumps 

4 tbsp curry glue (we utilized Patak's balti glue) 

85g raisins 

850ml chicken stock 

30g coriander, ½ cleaved, ½ leaves picked and 2 tbsp toasted chopped almonds, to serve


Marinate the chicken for 20-30 minutes

To set up this mouth-watering biryani formula, you need to marinate the chicken. For the equivalent, take an enormous bowl and include Greek yogurt in it alongside turmeric, stew powder alongside salt according to your preference for a little bowl. Blend well utilizing a spoon and afterward, include the chicken thighs in the blend and rub with this blend. Keep aside for around 20-30 minutes, with the goal that the yogurt blend is appropriately consumed by the chicken.


Saute onions and tomatoes for 2-3 minutes

In the meantime, pour refined oil in a profound bottomed container, keeping it on medium fire. Include cumin seeds and green cardamom in it and saute for around 2 minutes. When done, promptly include the cut onion and fry for 2-3 minutes in a row. Cause sure you don't consume it, so when the onion begins to get darker in shading, include tomatoes and tomato puree and fry for an additional 5 minutes.


Add the marinated chicken to the blend

Next, add the cut green chilies to the blend alongside ginger-garlic glue, broiling the blend once more for a moment. At that point, include coriander powder and turn the fire to medium-low while blending and cooking the masala. Rapidly, include the marinated chicken and blend for some time with the goal that the fixings ingest the juices appropriately.


Cook on low warmth for 5-6 minutes

Turn the fire to medium again and heat through for around 5-6 minutes just to give it to low warmth. Spread with a top and let stew for 5 minutes. Try to continue mixing during the whole procedure, else the chicken may adhere to the base, in the long run winding up consumed. You can include little water if you discover the consistency excessively thick.


Mood killer the fire

When done, turn off the fire and include half of the bubbled rice in the dish and keep the rest aside until required. Sprinkle milk doused saffron alongside garam masala, mint and coriander leaves. Put the rest of the rice over this layer and embellishment with the equivalent referenced four fixings.


Serve hot


Douse 300g basmati rice in warm water, at that point wash in cold until the water runs clear. 

Warmth 25g spread in a pan and cook 1 finely cut enormous onion with 1 straight leaf, 3 cardamom units and 1 little cinnamon stick for 10 mins. 

Sprinkle in 1 tsp turmeric, at that point include 4 chicken bosoms, cut into huge lumps, and 4 tbsp curry glue. Cook until sweet-smelling. 

Mix the rice into the dish with 85g raisins, at that point pour over 850ml chicken stock. 

Spot a tight-fitting cover on the skillet and bring to a hard bubble, at that point bring down the warmth to a base and cook the rice for another 5 mins. 

Mood killer the warmth and leave for 10 mins. Mix well, blending through 15g hacked coriander. To serve, dissipate over the leaves of the staying 15g coriander and 2 tbsp toasted almonds.

In conclusion, spread the top, turn the fire to low medium and let the rice cook for around 5 minutes.

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